7 Ways To Modernize Your Kitchen

7 Ways To Modernize Your Kitchen


Allan Wilson

Modernizing your kitchen can take one of two routes. The first route is less expensive, but may take more time. It includes, painting, wall papering, and re-decorating to give your kitchen a modern facelift.

1 Major Renovation

A major renovation is very expensive and would include changing multiple facets of your kitchen. A major renovation could include your cabinets, the layout of your kitchen, new appliances or windows. A contractor or subcontractor is usually needed to handle the arrangements if your modernization includes wall movement. You may be able to hire a project coordinator from a home improvement store to handle the details if you do it yourself and buy the supplies from them. Don t undertake a major renovation without a plan in mind.

2 Paint

New paint can add a quick boost to an old and dull kitchen. To properly apply new paint, make sure the walls are clean. Remove all nails, hooks or other protrusions from the wall. If they leave numerous or large holes, be sure to fill with spackle so it is flat with the rest of the wall. Allow the spackle to dry and sand until it is even with the wall. Apply primer or paint and then enjoy your new color! Light colors will make a room appear larger if you are having a color choice dilemma.


3 New Wallpaper

In addition to or in lieu of new paint, wallpaper adds texture to your kitchen walls. Pick a design that coordinates with the other objects in your room or what compliments the new paint color. Wallpaper styles now include designs for borders, half walls, whole walls and even mural scenes. Certain wallpaper borders have scalloped or fluted edges to add texture to a design. Small patterns in the wallpaper are best if you have a small kitchen. Large patterns make a room seem smaller and darker.

4 New Theme

Another way to give an old kitchen a modern facelift is to change the theme. Some kitchens follow an elaborate theme, such as using all red appliances or having grapes on everything. Whether you have a strict code or not, look for modern replacements to the old rooster that s been sitting on top of the cupboard for twenty years or whatever your theme was. Items to replace can include towels, trinkets, wall decorations and rugs. Trendy new themes include chili peppers, cherries, frogs, and bugs.

5 Door Handles

Another small facelift can provide big and lasting results. If your cupboards are flat, try putting handles and knobs on them. If you already have doorknobs and handles, find a new design. Handles come in a multitude of colors and metals, including bronze, copper, gold, silver, pewter and titanium. Many styles ranging from ornate to basic can match the decor you add to your new kitchen theme.

6 Faucet

Faucets are no longer just a spigot that provides water. Faucets are pieces of artwork now that have multi-functioning capabilities. Some of them have removable ends that spray water. Others have tops that lift off and move over. Water softeners and filters can be placed over nozzles to provide safer and tastier water. The selections are endless. Faucets can also come in plastic or metal, so the colors are changeable too.

7 Clean the Clutter

A modern look is having the bare essentials or minimalist approach to kitchens. Very few knick-knacks are on shelves and the countertops are cleared off. Hardly anything is out to look at, keeping your view clean. Besides providing a new look, less clutter holds less dust, which requires less cleaning. Less small appliances and items on the cupboard make the room appear larger too.

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