How To Choose The Best Shop For Auto Repair In Midway


Choosing the best shop for auto repair in Midway is going to save you time, money and a ton of headaches. There is nothing worse than having your vehicle off the road. The sooner you get the repairs done the better off you are. Choosing the right shop from the start will keep you from having to play “guess what is wrong with my vehicle today” game.

Reputation Really Counts

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One of the best ways to choose a repair place is to ask around. Who are friends and neighbors using? Ask them about their experience. The right shop will be:

* Well established * Have a positive reputation * Have skilled staff members * Focus on customer care

A well-established business becomes well-established by providing quality care for their customers. They have a strong reputation for being able to quickly diagnose the issue and to be able to offer options for repairs. The staff is highly skilled, certified mechanics and the whole shop puts the customer first! The right shop understands that helping you to care for your vehicle not only when it is in need of repairs but when it also needs maintenance is very important to the life of your vehicle. The right preventive maintenance and repairs will keep you on the road and safe!

Locally Owned

When you are making the choice for your auto repairs consider the locally owned shops first. Locally owned shops offer a more personalized experience and typically better pricing on repairs. National chains are corporate entities that often hire personnel that is only skilled in one thing. They are not the best at diagnosing problems and are trained to upsell you services that you do not really need. Locally owned business owners live and work in the same community as you do. They have stronger sense of loyalty to the community which is evident in their customer care. It is a better all-around option. If you need repairs choose one of the locally owned shops with a strong customer service record.

VIP Tire offers auto repair in Midway that you can count on! Their hard won reputation speaks for itself! If you need auto repairs, you need VIP Tires where you are also treated like a VIP! Visit them at

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Future Of Auto Mobility And Insurance}

Submitted by: Xemplar Telematics

Mobility has taken over every industry and has dipped its proverbial toes in the auto insurance industry as well. With GPS and accelerometers as high-tech accessories, mobile technology for the automotive industry too has come a long way and has many more miles to go. In an age where digitization and mobility is one of the bare necessities, most auto insurance providers are lost under heaps of paperwork. Thats the reason why the concept of auto mobility has shifted its focus to the insurance industry.n

A combination of mobility solutions telematics, analytics and communications, has eased the burden for auto insurers through information on driving style, collection of the same, analyses and reports that benefits all the stakeholders.n

User-Based Insurance (UBI)n

Insurance providers struggle with allocating premium amounts for their clients. Despite their best calculations, they have incurred losses. Traditionally, insurance companies calculate premiums based on driving records, vehicle use, previous claims, insurance scores based on credits and so on. Policyholders believe that these premiums are usually a fixed value. n

Telematics technology will change the face of auto insurance through the usage-based insurance (UBI) pricing system where clients pay as per their usage, driving behavior that is. Pay-as-you-drive gives clients and insurers the freedom to calculate premiums based on not just driving records and vehicle usage but actual or real-time driving information. n

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Real-time Informationn

Telematics can calculate every minute detail of the clients driving style, including every hard brake, rapid acceleration, parking style, etc. Analytics will amalgamate, analyze and interpret this data, simplifying it to understand the driving patterns of the client and the risk(s) involved. This driving information will be shared with the insurance provider who can use the same to allocate the insurance premium amount for the respective client. n

Vehicular insurance companies have realized the difference that real-time information makes in processing claims. With the ability to capture real-time data in the form of images, videos, driving information, etc., there will be adequate information to process a claim or to decide the insurance amount for a client. It will eliminate the possibility of modified data and increases the accuracy of information analyzed. n

Time and Efficiencyn

Time is everything. Waiting for weeks for insurance agencies to process a claim can be painstaking. Insurance companies will soon provide every client a more personalized and expedited service. Mobile devices will enable evaluation of claims or consultation with clients in their comfort zone. In the case of an accident, real-time data can be captured in the form of videos or images, eliminating the possibility of improper claims or incomplete information, which can prove to be a loss for both parties. Automation will reduce paperwork and redundancy. At the same time, it will increase efficiency and accelerate processing of claims. n

Management of Datan

With the reduction of paperwork and introduction of technologically advanced analytics frameworks, managing vast quantities of data has become a childs play. Analytics use complex algorithms and mathematical equations to organize, analyze and interpret huge volumes of information. The ability to retrieve relevant information instantaneously and accurately will save a lot of man-hours. n

Beyond Insurance n

Mobility solutions for auto insurers come with additional services such as roadside assistance in case of an emergency, geo-fencing for parents to monitor their teenagers driving, customer engagement to ensure the loyalty of the client, driving suggestions and other customizable options. Insurance companies will be able to go beyond their regular services for the clients convenience. n

Challenges of Telematicsn

However, there are a few concerns with telematics being used by insurers. Standardized regulations on data capturing and its process is yet to be determined. This raises concerns for loss of privacy or misuse of data. The other concern is when the client wants to switch to another insurance provider. The new insurer might not accept their driving data as the method of data collection is different. This could result in the client losing his benefits and has to start from scratch. n

Nonetheless, telematics technology is relatively new and is yet to take over the market fully. Like any new technology, there will be glitches which will be fixed in due time. These challenges will not be an obstacle for auto mobility to be integrated with insurance, as the pros of auto mobility outweigh the cons. Gradually all insurance providers will largely depend on mobility solutions in order to develop their business and will become inevitable for auto insurance to use. n

About the Author: Xemplar’s intuitive and cost-effective mobile application provides insurers and customers with an integrated, full-featured telematics experience. It’s not just another app for that. Geolocation tools, speed and mileage trackers, traffic alerts, and plenty more allow insurance carriers to measure customer driving stats in real time, all while linking insurer rating engines and broker back-office systems to create quick and convenient processing. Thus, Xemplar telematics system helps significantly reduce your operating and capital costs, increases your revenue, and engages with customers on a regular basis. for more information visit us at


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Pinnacle Neelanchal Sus Baner Annexe Pune By Pinnacle Group}

Submitted by: Prasad Kumar

Pinnacle Neelanchal, Sus Baner Annexe, Pune is a unique residential development consisting of 10 towers. Gives you the feeling of being at home built in the lap of nature.


RCC Structure:

The project is Earthquake resistant the RCC Frame structure designed is seismic load as per IS codes.

External Walls are six inch thick built in AEC block Internal Walls are four inch thick built in AEC block

The external walls are plastered with sand faced double coat sponge plaster the internal wall have a gypsum finish the ceiling also has gypsum finish


Living and other rooms – 600X600 vitrified flooring with 3″ same skirting (

Washrooms, terrace and dry balcony

12″X12″ anti skid ceramic flooring (Euro).


Internal – Concealed G.I fittings and pipes with proper joints using chemicals.

External – G.I fittings and pipes

Provision for washing machine with small washing place in dry balcony


Branded sanitary fittings with provision of hot and cold water mixer (Jaguar/Grohe Or Equivalent).

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Dado in glazed/ ceramic tiles up to lintel level

Colored wash basin of suitable size (Parryware/Hindware Or Equivalent).

Commode with jet sprays (Parryware/Hindware Or Equivalent).


One side 24″ wide jet black granite platform with SS sink (Nirali).

Porcelain matt finished ceramic tiles dado up to lintel level

Provision for refrigerato

Attached dry balcony with provision for washing machine and dish washe


UPVC sliding windows with mosquito net and safety grill (LG or equivalent)

Provision for exhaust fan in kitchen and washrooms

Granite/Marble windows sills in all rooms and washrooms


Internal – OBD paint

External – texture paint


Decorative main entrance door in teak wood with veneer finish as well as hall drop Handle, night latch, tower bolt and magic eye

All flush doors with plywood frames

Granite/Marble frame for all washroom doors

Premium quality SS fixtures and fittings


Concealed fine resistant high quality copper wiring (Polycab/Finolex).

Ample light points with branded modular switches (Legrand/Roma /Crabtree).

TV point in living and master bedroom

AC point in living and all bedrooms

Provision for inverter point

Provision for exhaust fan in kitchen and washrooms

Earth leakage circuit breakerElevators:

Elevators of attractive cabin with auto rescue V3F drive feature and generator back-up (Otis/Kone Or Equivalent)

Master Plan

Additional super-luxurious amenities:

CCTV surveillance security system

Open space with garden, tropical forest, senior citizen plaza, children’s play area and temple

Jogging track, tennis court, space for performing arts

Club house with swimming pool, gym, library and society office

Essential shopping plaza – super market, grocery store, medical store

On call services like Doc, Vet doc, Ambulance, Laundromat

Day care centre for children

ATM facility


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