Use Linseed Oil For A Silky Finish On Antique Furniture

By HJ Smith

In Europe in the Age of Oak, from the beginning of the 16th century to the middle of the 17th century, furniture finishes were limited to vegetable oils and waxes.

People were probably more concerned with preserving the wood than with enhancing its appearance.

Until revived in recent years by some leading furniture makers, the use of linseed oil alone was forsaken – save for a few diehards – in favor of commercially prepared penetrating tung oils.

Although the tung oils work into the wood, sealing and hardening the surface and leaving a more natural look than a brushed-on finish, nothing produces a sheen as incomparably silky as a coat or two of linseed oil, properly applied.

This finish is particularly suited to hard, close-grained wood. If heated and used on a warm day, the oil penetrates deep into the wood, drawing out color and indistinct surface configurations that may have faded or been bleached out.

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But not all woods can stand such a revival, for linseed oil can permanently change the mellow look that aged wood may have taken so long to achieve.

The rich, golden brown of antique cherry can become an insignificant red.

Curly maple, though, thrives on this finish and can produce superb amber tones to contrast with the dark, slightly raised tiger stripes.

Linseed oil is also well suited to most stripped bent wood of all shapes and sizes, and on rockers – provided the wood is sound – the finish never seems to fail.

If you decide to try this finish, set a glass container of the oil in a pan of hot water and heat it to a comfortable 110 degrees Fahrenheit, which also thins it for effective penetration.

Apply it with a piece of cotton toweling lightly wetted with the oil and then rubbed over the surfaces. Use comfortable but vigorous pressure to maintain surface warmth.

Continue until the wood will absorb no more and its surfaces remain wet. Dry it, again, vigorously, with a coarse cloth like denim or canvas, and leave the work for a day or two.

If there is surface sweating in that time, rub away the beads of oil with the coarse cloth.

If the piece is too sticky and stubborn to respond to this treatment, use the applicator pad again, but dampen it with paint thinner.

Next, rub in another coat, but apply the oil sparingly and keep it warm.

When you can rub your palm over the surfaces without picking up any oil, the wood is ready for the final step, polishing with a paste wax. Use white wax for light-colored woods and brown wax for darker ones.

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Mlm Learning The Ropes Of Multi Level Marketing And Advertising

By Tim Pond

One of the fastest growing businesses in the market today is Multi Level Marketing or MLM. What is MLM? What is MLM advertising? Despite the wide reception that MLM has received, it is for certain that it is still quite misunderstood. Many people would often equate it with selling beauty products and home appliances, and worse still, with the pyramiding scam.

But multi level marketing is neither one of these. Because the principles behind MLM are rock solid and dependable, it has become one of the most reputable business methods ever.

What is MLM?

MLM is simply defined by the process of moving products from point A to point B, or across various levels in the organization. It starts with you purchasing items at wholesale price and using them either for personal use or selling them to close relatives and friends. But MLM doesnt necessarily succeed by the amount of products you sell (it is just an alternative), but more on building an organization of people who can sell the items for you.

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The way that one earns through this type of marketing is by the movement of the products through the organization that you built. To explain further, you earn by recruiting people as downlines who in turn will market and sell products to other people. The more you recruit, the more incentive will you receive from the movement of the product. This idea will allow small businessmen like you and me to earn top dollar without having to really set up a business in quantifiable terms.

MLM advertising

But multi level marketing will not succeed without understanding the ropes behind MLM advertising. Advertising is key to making this marketing strategy a success. The difference with MLM advertising and regular advertising is that MLM advertising is more targeted, cost effective, and efficient in its approach. It is necessary that an effective MLM advertisement be properly worded, correctly timed, features a saleable product in a good economic climate, and when a response is received from the ad, proper handling of the response to ensure a positive comeback. In other words, advertising for your moneys worth and getting good results.

The advertising can be done both online and offline, but more and more people are into online marketing these days. Beware though, there is no quick rich scheme behind MLM advertising, and this is especially true with regards to online marketing. But it cant be denied that there is money in internet marketing as well, if you know how to deploy your tactics and if you find the right tools and resources of the trade. You can advertise smartly, either by using free ads or paid ones, whichever suit you best.

How to succeed in MLM?

MLM is no easy feat, but it will succeed if you work with it, and not against it. Take heart, not every one will succeed with this type of marketing, but every one can make it succeed if they work for it. Just remember, the basic ideas behind MLM success is to find a good and synergistic system, discover cost effective ways to advertise, have great ad writing skills, and not to mention, a very supportive sponsor with great coaching skills. Furthermore, you need to continuously inform and coach your downlines.

Easy home based business

All businesses start small, as with MLM, but it is these businesses that make it big in the market today. Learn more about what is MLM advertising. It may really work for you, and help you establish an easy home based business, and earn continuous passive income.

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