Do Contacts Cause Headaches?

By Adrianna Notton

One of the issues that many people who wear glasses experience is headache after prolonged use. Obviously, frames that don’t fit your face properly could be the cause of a headache from glasses, but do contact lenses cause headaches, too? Is it normal for a contact lens to result in a throbbing headache after you’ve been wearing them for a while? Of course, it is possible to get a headache while you’re wearing contacts. People can get headaches for any number of reasons and getting one while wearing contacts isn’t out of the question. However, if your contact lenses are fitted correctly, they should be quite comfortable and won’t cause headaches on their own. If you get a headache due to contact lens use, it’s usually because of a different factor.

An improper contact lens prescription is one-way contacts could cause a headache. Usually, your prescription will be right on the money, but in the odd case where it isn’t eyestrain and headache may be the result. If you feel like the prescription in your contacts is too weak or too strong, take them in and get it double-checked to know for sure. If your contact lenses don’t fit properly, which may also lead to headaches. Improperly fitted contacts will cause your eyes to dry out faster and cause discomfort. Pay attention to when the headaches start each day and discuss it with your eye doctor to determine if improper fit could be the culprit.


If you have generally dry eyes, you may notice an increase in headaches while you’re wearing contacts. Dry eyes can lead to squinting, which may increase the muscle tension around your eyes, as well as the likelihood of headaches. This situation may not be avoidable if your eyes are dry all on their own, but you can keep it from getting worse by keeping your contacts well lubricated at all times. A dry contact lens will make dry eyes even worse. Another time when a dry contact lens may make headache worse is when you’re working on the computer. Long hours spent looking at a computer screen can increase eye strain to point of drying out a contact lens and making the situation worse. Tell your eye doctor about eyestrain and headache activity due to long, computer work so he can make the necessary suggestions.

Anytime you feel any eyes train or headache when you have your contacts in, it’s a good idea to give your eye doctor a call. This is especially true if you experience a headache not long after you’ve been fitted with new contact lenses, or switched contact lens brands. Once you visit your eye doctor, he can help you determine whether your headaches are being caused by the contacts, or some other reason. He’ll also be able to direct you to a specialist or other eye care professional if further investigation is required.

Contact lenses are supposed to feel comfortable, like you’re wearing nothing at all, so any discomfort should always be addressed.

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