Emerging Powers To Global Governance History Stage

By Christina Xia

Since two years ago, the global financial crisis, emerging countries increasingly prominent position, such as the emergence of new powers to keep pace with the traditional power even if one day replace the traditional great power status may be many arguments. The so-called emerging powers, including two members, one arising from the large developing countries such as China, India, Brazil; one again after the collapse of major developed countries start with the transformation of large countries such as Russia. It turns out that the traditional status of major developed countries worse today, emerging powers in global governance increasingly important responsibilities.

Emerging global governance country to the stage of history

“Global governance” as a Western theory of international politics, have already appeared. German statesman Willy Brandt in 1990 (Federal Republic of Germany has served as Prime Minister and Socialist International President) first proposed the concept. He was referring to the establishment and development of multilateral rules and management system to promote global interdependence and sustainable development. Since then, the “governance” concepts and theories have been widely used in the theory of international relations and globalization studies. In recent years, particularly after the international financial crisis, global governance in the world today one of the most powerful political appeal, and its essence is an attempt to explore how the globalized world as a collective presence to the common treatment. Throughout the past 20 years, many discussions in this regard, with little success.


“Emerging Powers and Global Governance” contains the two meanings are still new topics. Marx talked about “being determines consciousness.” The objective existence of complex, inevitably lead to complex and diverse thinking; people in emerging countries and consensus on global governance at the same time, there is bound to some of the views on the differences.

History is a mirror. World history there have been strikingly similar case, but will not completely repeat. The emergence of emerging powers will undoubtedly change the world political, economic and cultural history. Vigorous development in science and technology, economic globalization sweeping the world and human dependence unprecedented deepening of today, no country can be had as the history of aggression and expansion as the means to achieve the rise. The Cold War ended nearly 20 years, the rise of emerging powers in the Group two superpowers – the Soviet Union and the United States, “dead and another injured,” the further development of a multipolar world pattern formed under the background. Now the U.S. is a superpower, and is the only superpower, and its symbol is: led to the complex and volatile international situation is still under the influence of U.S. policy, regional hot-spot; in large part around the world security environment, is still based on the United States aspects of relations among major powers as the main contradiction. Of course, this does not mean that the U.S. is still capable of dominating the world; however, we focus on global governance issues, they can not ignore the position and role of the United States some kind of special.

Global governance, by definition, one for the global problems facing humanity, not individualized, localized problems; the second is that management can not just rely on a one or a few to finish, but who can not dominate. Countries in global governance is inseparable from its treatment, is also inseparable from the governance United Nations Organization itself. The meaning of global governance has its specific width and span, but not all-inclusive, but can not be a pretext for interfering in the internal affairs of sovereign states. In terms of global governance mechanisms, United Nations organizations and a number of regional organizations and a variety of emerging countries cooperation, global governance and the region should be the direct or indirect control platform. In the process of global governance, straighten the emerging powers and the traditional power relations are particularly important to maintain between them the balance of rights and obligations. National identity, religious beliefs, cultural traditions and social systems should not become obstacles to cooperation in global governance. The face of nuclear proliferation, international terrorism, rampant global financial crisis, climate change, environmental protection and natural disasters and other major issues, multilateralism, needs to adapt to global governance. A run-in global governance complex process, there is a difficult process of gradually maturing.

Peace and development are two major themes in today’s world, global governance is around two main themes of this operation. In our time, peace is the desire of the people, development is the trend of the times, change is the only way is a universal means of competition and cooperation is the best choice, opportunities and challenges. The spirit of the age determines the emerging powers only in an atmosphere of peaceful development, carry forward the spirit of innovation, to take consultation and cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win approach in order to achieve sustainable development.

Between emerging powers and emerging powers and the traditional great powers, between the developed and developing countries, there may also be found in the convergence of interests. Today’s emerging powers brought to the stage of world history, should be actively and carefully to take on his high responsibility. China is recognized as the emerging powers in a responsible member. The achievements of China’s peaceful development of highly respected by the international community, and sometimes also caused some of the concerns. There were two diametrically opposite conclusion: the growing “China Opportunity” and the effects still in the “China threat theory.” China’s peace, development and cooperation, practice what they preach and consistent, will continue to enhance the confidence of the international community, but to dissolve and eliminate the “China threat theory” is still a long and arduous task.

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