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Because interior design is not merely a science but more of an art, many individuals and corporations are now choosing Gray & Walter as their favorite Chicago design firm. With years of experience and designs featured in some of the most prestigious buildings across the country, it comes as no surprise that Kenneth Walter has enjoyed a certain level of success in the field. His unique vision combined with a keen eye for detail and practicality has propelled him and his firm, Gray & Walter, to the very top of the industry.

Kenneth Walter started his career through studies at a small private college in Southern California. Studying amongst the best encouraged him to push his own limits and become one of the country s best interior designers. After moving back to Chicago to establish Gray & Walter, his skills were put to the test through contracts such as the mansions on Lake Shore Drive, the Park Tower, a flat in London s Mayfair District and even a project in Paris! While his work often leads him to travel across the country and even around the world Kenneth Walter always loves to come back home to Chicago and help develop the local community through unique designs and creative ideas.


Gray & Walter s design philosophy is quite unique in many ways. While many designers may prefer to push their ideas with no regards to the innate potential of the existing structure and room, Kenneth Walter offers a different approach. All his designs are considered to be an enhancement of the room; an intimate dialogue between the designer and the site must be prioritized in order to obtain a calibrated balance between form and function while respecting the site, edifice or the room. Of course, all designs take the client s vision into thorough consideration to ensure that the final result is not only a great design, but a design that promotes the vision and image of who it was created for.

On top of being a leader in its industry, Gray & Walter is also gaining new exposure this year following their participation in the DreamHome event, held by the prestigious Merchandise Mart. From April to December, the public will be able to visit various rooms designed by some of the leading designers in area Kenneth Walter had the opportunity to provide a unique and creative design for a game room (the first game room to ever be presented at Dream Home). Whether you are looking for inspiration or a concrete idea, Gray & Walter s vision of a game room will certainly excite your senses!

In conclusion, it is safe to say that Kenneth Walter has certainly managed to establish himself as the founder of one of the best Chicago design firms. The secret behind his success certainly is his passion and dedication to design as well as his unique approach and philosophy detailed above. From ground-up construction to single room designs, Gray & Walter is available for all your interior design needs and will work days on end to provide you with the best design according to the space you are looking to work with.

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