How To Look After Your Garden

How to Look After Your Garden


Jason Smith

You have a beautiful little (or big) garden, with lots of lovely flowers and trees, but it\’s looking a little overgrown and wild. We have plenty of tips for you on how to keep it in tip-top condition, from calling in tree surgery London to trim your hedges and cut down any dead trees, to how to get rid of garden pests.

Clear Any Leaves And Weeds

The first tip is quite simple; you need to clear any dead leaves off the ground using a rake, before having a good weed of your flower beds to get rid of those nasties!

Call in a Tree Surgeon

Tree surgeons don\’t just cut down your dead trees for you; they can also trim hedges, remove stumps and roots, care for your fruit trees, and remove any fallen trees. Calling in a tree surgery London is an important part of caring for your garden as they can also give your trees a health assessment.

Care For The Lawn


The lawn is an integral part of your garden, and the focal point when people look out of the window into the garden, so you want to keep it looking its best. Mow the lawn weekly and feed it every couple of months and make sure to treat any weed or moss that may appear.

Plant Some New Plants

When planting new plants you want to cover the soil with ground plants before planting some seasonal flowers and maybe some quick growing plants such as grasses and perennials.

Plant Vegetables

Start off with tomatoes in growbags, and when you get the hang of looking after them move on to planting some courgettes or potatoes in the ground.

Create a Composting Area

Create a composting area using a compost bin or build one yourself. You\’ll have somewhere to put all of your garden waste and create your own compost when it all breaks down. Get Rid of Garden Pests

Removing garden pests is a fairly easy task, just hunt them down and then use chemicals found from your local garden centre to get rid of them.

Clear And Tidy Flower Beds Often

So you\’ve planted your lovely new flowers and plants, now you have to care for them. You can do this by regularly clearing leaves and debris from your beds.

Clean Your Gardening Tools Regularly

Cleaning your gardening tools regularly means that they\’ll be in the best condition for when you come to use them.


Make sure you water your garden as often as possible!

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