How To Perform Heat Pumps Maintenance In Derby Ks

December, 2014 byAlma Abell

To keep your heat pump working efficiently and to increase its lifespan, it’s essential that you perform regular maintenance on your unit. A system that’s regularly serviced will be up to 25 percent more efficient than a unit that never has any maintenance. Whether you choose to do the tasks yourself or you call a technician who specializes in Heat Pumps Maintenance in Derby KS, you should have your unit serviced annually. Below you’ll learn what to do when you perform heat pump maintenance.

* At least once every month, during the time that you’re constantly running your unit, check and replace the air filter if it’s full of dirt.

* Clean the dirt off the coils using warm water, soap and a cleaning cloth. After scrubbing the coils, use a water hose to spray the coils until the soapy water is rinsed off.

* Place a few drops of lubricant on the moving parts of the motor to keep it running smoothly.

* Examine the electrical system of your heat pump and check the wires for loose connections, breakage or other damage.

* Check the belts on your heat pump to ensure that they aren’t worn, frayed or cracked. If you notice any damage on the belts, replace them immediately before they break.Inspect the duct work that runs from your heat pump and check for obstructions, leaks or holes. Carefully examine the angles and corners as these areas are prone to leakage.

* Even if you can do much of the maintenance yourself, a technician who does Heat Pumps Maintenance in Derby KS will have to test the refrigerant. If your unit is leaking refrigerant, the technician will have to drain the remaining refrigerant, repair the leak and place new refrigerant in your unit. If you think your refrigerant is low, a technician has the proper equipment to test the refrigerant level in your heat pump and add any if necessary.

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