Is There Any Money Left In The Music Industry?

Is There Any Money Left In The Music Industry?


Julia Evans

So HMV followed in Jessops\’ sad footsteps and has called in administrators. Though the majority of the nation claimed they were shocked and heartbroken, ironically no one really buys actual CDs anymore do they? But the true horror of this story is probably the fact it was a big sign to us all of how little money truly remains in the music industry. Music legends and producers began predicting a complete fold in the industry from as early as 2007 – were they right?

No one can deny Spotify its genius, or pretend they haven\’t once been a little tempted by an illegal download. Technology has made music increasingly more accessible day by day, with Spotify probably reaching 20m users who can access any artist and any of their albums for free, why would anyone in their right mind still go all the way into town to buy a CD from HMV? It\’s a sad truth that has to be faced. Though we can all be horrified and saddened by the loss of a music powerhouse and legend like HMV the only ones to blame are ourselves.


On the other hand HMV lacking in online availability, makes their downfall partially their fault. Although Spotify doesn\’t require you to pay for any of the music you listen to, they do offer the ability to download into your Itunes account. Itunes itself also inevitably began to affect HMV\’s in store sales with its Itunes store. However despite the knowledge of music being readily available online, many still opt for the illegal downloads and that is the biggest factor that will continue to affect the music industry as a whole. Becoming a pop star nowadays therefore doesn\’t necessarily guarantee fortune anymore and many bands and artists struggle to make a decent living, unless you\’re BeyoncĂ©, she\’s simply untouchable.

Therefore many bands now turn to easier and better paid work such as weddings and corporate events etc. Having a band play at your wedding is becoming more and more stylish and has an entertainment value that is priceless and memorable for years to come. Thus bands making themselves available for these types of events can make them a lot more money than through their newest single.

Wedding bands don\’t have to be clichĂ© and old fashioned. As long as they can more or less play the first-dance-song, who wouldn\’t want a quirky new band full of dishy young men to play at their wedding. Watching a live band, any type of band for that matter, is hugely entertaining as musician have a natural ability to perform – we\’re talking decent musicians of course. Bands are becoming more popular as entertainment for big events and rather than it being an embarrassment to be labelled as a wedding band, it is a tremendous money maker.

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