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Picking the right flowers for any given event or occasion can be tricky if you dont know exactly what youre looking for.

With bouquets coming in all different shapes, sizes and colours, not to mention under a variety of different names and guises, how do you make sure youre choosing a bunch that will be well received.

To prevent a floral faux-pas, we asked Flowers Ireland for some advice on selecting the best choice for any occasion.

To say I love you

Nothing quite says romance like a fresh bunch of flowers. In that case, you normally cant go wrong with a dozen red Roses, beautifully decorated and delivered to the object of your affection.

Is sending Roses a cliche? Perhaps, but thats only because theyve been proven to send the right message for as long as men and women have been smitten with one another.

A red rose represents love and passion, and if theyre sent via a reliable flower delivery Ireland service, theres really no better way to make a great impression on a potential beau.

Yet what if youre not quite at the stage of hot, fiery romance? Flowers Ireland tell us that pink Tulips, or even beautiful white Lilies are popular options when it comes to finding a more subtle way to say those three magic words.


In sympathy

It can be hard to know quite what to say when somebody you know suffers a bereavement, though sending sympathy flowers can do the job of expressing your condolences just as well.

In this case, white flowers such as Lilies, white Carnations, Roses and Orchids represent peace, innocence and heaven.

Yellow-coloured plants are often sent as signs of compassion and friendship, symbolic of strong ties between the sender and the deceased.

Pink or red flowers again display love, affection, and courage.

Often, sympathy flowers can be sent to the home of the bereaved, though in some circumstances its more appropriate to have them delivered to the funeral home. A good Dublin flower delivery specialist will be more than willing to advise you on the best course to take.

At Christmas

Few gifts provide a more elegant and appealing way to wish somebody the best of the season than a carefully selected Christmas wreath or bouquet.

Traditional red colours add a much needed warmth to any home in the middle of a cold winter, while a touch of gold can symbolise tidings of prosperity for the year ahead. Likewise, green plants represent renewed life and growth.

Using an Ireland flower delivery company, you can send your flowers to those distant friends and family you otherwise wouldnt get to see over the festive period, just another reason why they make the ideal gift.

On your wedding anniversary

Flowers always make a popular anniversary present, and all evidence suggests that the best approach is to send a seasonal arrangement to mark the occasion.

If your anniversary lands in spring, you cant go wrong with Tulips, and arrangements that combine gorgeous yellows, indigo and lilacs.

In summer, Chrysanthemums, Carnations, pink and cream Roses and Freesias make ideal anniversary gifts.

In the latter half of the year, go with colors that add warmth as the cold winter starts to creep its way in.

When a baby is born

When a newborn arrives into the world, having your Dublin flower delivery service send a bunch of brightly coloured flowers is a great way to mark the occasion.

Vibrant Anemones and Veronica, along with Carnations, Daffodils, Narcissi and Tulips in lively colours all make popular new baby flowers, representing the light and joy that a newborn brings.

Still struggling to decide on the right kind of flowers? Your flower delivery service will always be glad to help you make the most appropriate choice.

Flowers Ireland are specialist Irish florists delivering fresh flowers across the country. Find out more at www.flowersireland.com

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