Preventing Hard Water With Water Softeners In Ocala Fl

byAlma Abell

Many homeowners often complain about hard water and what it does to their drains and bodies. In order to combat the effects of hard water a number of homeowners use Water Softeners in Ocala FL. Water softener beads are used to help soften water so that it’s much less harsh on plumbing systems and you.

How can water be labeled as “hard?” The term hard is simply referring to the minerals contained inside of the water. Before water enters your home it goes through an extensive filtration process to get rid of bacteria and other dangerous elements. Part of this filtration process calls for minerals like calcium and magnesium to be added into the water. The amount of minerals added into a water system varies from city to city; however, the more these minerals are present the ‘harder’ the water becomes.

Why is hard water a bad thing? Calcium and magnesium are made up of positively charged ions. Although hard water is absolutely healthy to drink the minerals that are added have an effect on other positively charged ions in the water. Calcium and magnesium can also build-up inside of your pipes and can make it difficult for soap to dissolve. This is why water softeners in Ocala FL are used by many homeowners.

Water softeners are units that can be installed in order to decrease the amount of calcium and magnesium inside of water. The units are equipped with ions that work to remove some of the positively charged ions throughout your water before it enters your home. The ions used essentially latch on to as many positive ions as possible, and these positive ions stay within the unit. Each unit has a limit on how many ions it can hold before becoming ineffective.

Contact EcoWater Systems if you’re dealing with hard water inside of your home. Again, hard water isn’t detrimental to your health but it’s not a good thing for your pipes. The minerals in hard water can clog your pipes and can be harsh on your skin. Use softener units in order to remove the excess minerals included in hard water. Softer water is better for your pipes and is gentler on your skin.