Squirrel Rescue Near Me: A Comprehensive Guide

Nature is home to a myriad of furry and feathered creatures that fill our world with a unique sense of life, color, and beauty. Among them, squirrels, with their charismatic demeanor, have etched their way into the hearts of many. However, when these intriguing creatures find themselves in desperate situations, squirrel rescue organizations step forward to tip the scales in favor of life. In this article, we will explore ‘squirrel rescue near me‘ and understand the role of respective organizations like WIRES.

Why Squirrel Rescue is Important

Squirrels, which are often found in forests, urban areas, and even our backyards, sometimes end up in dangerous predicaments. They can get hit by cars, attacked by other animals, or fall out of trees. Baby squirrels are also victims of being orphaned or getting hurt. It’s in these moments, squirrel rescue operations become critical. These facilities not only nurture them back to health but also provide rehabilitation for their safe release back into the wild.

Finding a Local Squirrel Rescue

A simple web search of ‘squirrel rescue near me‘ will generate various results. However, it’s vital to ensure the organisation you choose follows appropriate wildlife handling and care guidelines. They should provide services like emergency rescue, medical treatment, recovery, and rehabilitation for squirrels. Some also offer advice for handling a wild squirrel scenario yourself.

WIRES: A Notable Squirrel Rescue Organization

Known for its dedication to wildlife rescue, WIRES (Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service Inc.) is an Australian organization that effortlessly stands out. For over 30 years, it has been offering 24/7 assistance to sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife, including squirrels.

WIRES stands tall as an example of what an efficient and committed wildlife rescue setup can accomplish. With several local branches spread across the nation, ‘WIRES near me’ is a common search for Australians needing wildlife assistance, emphasizing its wide-reaching impact and reputation.

What to Do If You Find a Squirrel In Need

If you come across a disoriented, injured, or baby squirrel, refrain from taking matters into your own hands without proper knowledge. It’s recommended to contact a local squirrel rescue operation or a wildlife centre like WIRES, depending on your location.

While waiting for help get there, keep a safe distance from the squirrel to avoid causing unnecessary stress or friskiness. If possible, keep the squirrel safe from predators or other dangers.


The role of squirrel rescue organizations is pivotal in maintaining the life and vibrancy of our wildlife. Centers like WIRES serve as a beacon of hope for squirrels and other wildlife in danger, and their services are truly invaluable. Remember, if you encounter a squirrel in need, your first point of call should be seeking professional help. A web search of ‘squirrel rescue near me‘ or directly reaching out to WIRES can help ensure our furry friends’ safety and survival.