Suning Issued “Price Increase Letter Sought To” Contain Air Conditioning Prices China Forklift

Suning issued “price increase letter sought to” contain air conditioning prices – China forklift



North China Electric Fan Zhijun, executive president of management headquarters, said Su Ning this week

Not raising their prices. 06 air conditioning market confusing, dazzling the other side is air conditioning factory prices take wind through price hikes of raw materials, while represented by Suning Appliance Chain giants bid to block air-conditioning Zhang price. 3 weeks ago Suning the 9th National Festival opening of the air-conditioning, Suning pledged by the four major initiatives to curb air conditioning prices, can be a week later, Suning another 2 weeks after the conditioning with respect to prices, according to Su Ning’s prediction, that this week to the deadline for air conditioning prices, that prices actually rose this week, Suning air conditioning is not up then? To this end, Suning north China’s call management headquarters president Fan Zhijun, Fan Zhijun, said Su Ning, air conditioning not raising their prices this week, although many manufacturers Suning prices received notice, but Suning opposite to each air-conditioning manufacturer issued a “letter sought price hikes,” which clearly means that if a brand, which model to price increases, Suning stores will post the current Suning has not received any response of a plant, that their brand to price increases, so , no price increases this week, Suning air conditioning. 3 weeks ago, prices of brand Suning will be announced yesterday (12), Suning Youxiang reporter Recently revealed some of the market prices of the brand: 8% increase over Hisense, Kelon rose 8% – 10% … … but Su Ning said, Hisense, Kelon and other brands do not have to return in Suning Suning prices. Suning issued to manufacturers, “prices consult the letter” has style all their own victory. Imagine what a brand is willing to be a post the said price increases it own, even if prices are not willing to be “hanging” out. When the reporter called Qingdao Hisense Marketing Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch General Manager Peng Yu pool, Peng Yu-chih, when received Suning “prices consulted letter”, the Hisense to dispel the idea of prices in the first Su Ning, who prepared the first by posting to the public? Hisense do not want to do, “stands out”, we wait and see if there are other factories that prices, we will Suning prices. I believe the idea of other manufacturers with Hisense is the same as in any one plant are not willing to admit to price increases in the consumer. When reporters, general manager of Beijing Branch Kelon Electrical Gang Tan, the Tan and Peng Yu pool just expressed the same concerns. Suning relevant official also revealed to reporters this week, some of the price initiatives Suning, 1300 yuan for domestic brands 1P well-being of health hold, 1,699 yuan in the domestic brand 1.5P well-being of health hold, 2,598 yuan of domestic brand-name 2P well-being of health Guiji, together with Suning underwriting customized energy-saving air conditioning excellent health, it will be fully none other. Also, if you purchase two or more sets of air-conditioning, there will be 100-500 dollars discount. Fan Zhijun said that air conditioning is not up the price actually rose? Have to market the final say.

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