Things You Should Do To Have Right Kitchen Design

Submitted by: Rick Dave

Kitchen is really important room in a house. Without a kitchen, a house is nothing. So you have to know which kitchen is right and comfortable. If you want to have a good kitchen for you, there are some items that you have to consider. It because that the items are very important for the usage and the functionally of the kitchen. For example, you have to know that refrigerator, kitchen sink and pantry must have a range. Other items you also have to consider are kitchen cabinets, an island on which to prepare foods, a grill, a rotisserie, a microwave, a chest or upright freezer, a wine cooler, warming ovens and many, many more. Then if you have old kitchen design that you want to rebuild, you have to identify what things that make you unlike your old one. You can change the things like you like besides there are other things that will be changed. If you love cooking, have good kitchen design which right for you is a must. Before you start to design new kitchen design, you have to know what kitchen design you want to have.

First things you have to do are make lists about what things you want to have in your kitchen and write them in a paper. Then you have to have priority of each item. Give scale 1-10 for every item. Scale 1 means that the item is not really important and scale 10 means that the item is very important, and you have to have it. Important item means you have to have them or your kitchen can’t be called as a kitchen. Maybe you will ask why you have to do it. It is because of the consideration of your kitchen room size. If the room is big it’s OK if you want to have all items you want. But if it is not, you have to have some items that you need. Find the items in your list which ones have big priority to have. Big scale means big priority. After you choose the items, think about the kitchen you design. Is the room enough size for the items chosen by you? If the room is not enough, you have to cut the items which items that have a small scale.


Then we will talk about color. Color and style can t be separated. Both of them are interrelated. If your kitchen style is modern you have to choose simple color like white and contrast color like red, grey, blue and yellow. You can combine these colors if your kitchen is modern one. If your kitchen is classic style you can use dark yellow. I prefer if your kitchen style is modern one, because I will suggest you to choose white color, because it is simple and if your kitchen is dirty you can see and clean it easily. I think white is the best one. Just follow the step. By using the steps, you will get a right kitchen and comfortable for you when you cook.

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