Tips In Designing And Decorating Your Living Room

By Edward Z. Gardner

Living room is a room that is usually placed in front of the house. This is where we entertain our guests, conversations among families, reading books and other indoor activities. Observe yourself when you go to other house. The living room will be the first one that we will notice and it leaves a first impression to us on what will be the whole concept of the host’s house. It is important to display the beauty of your house to leave a lasting impression to your guests.

A typical living room is consists of sofa, tables, chairs, lamp/lighting, rugs, and television. While designing the living room, there are things we should consider in order to achieve a relax and comfortable room.

Decorate the living room into a more user-friendly, rather than dull and cold. Use colors that can brighten the mood of anyone who goes inside. You want your house to be warm and welcoming, and one of the hottest colors and more relaxing is the green color. Green has several shades and it is one of the most flexible colors around. But whatever the color you choose for the color of your walls, make sure it harmonizes the furniture and accessories inside the living room.

Choose furniture that will not be obsolete in the coming years.


Do not buy sets or groups. Select individual pieces, which mix and work well together. Put the loveseats in the lounge area. Don’t put matching chairs inside or other furniture that are over decorated. Do not put a single chair in a corner, or someone will use it and will feel out of the place.

Placing the furniture should focus on the focal point, which may be a leisure center, fireplace or a large window. Group the furniture around after selecting the focal point. Always keep in mind the size of your furniture. Make sure that it would fit in your desired space.

Add small furniture in the room. This may be a small bench, or a low sofa table. Placing flower vases, baskets and small plants on your table also creates beauty and encouraging environment. Place magazines, journals and newspapers under the table.

Place at different levels of lighting in the room. Use a combination of dim and bright lighting. Put table lamps and decorative lighting. It adds warmth and atmosphere in your home.

Use area rugs to define seating areas. It helps in determining the seats especially if you’re dealing with a large room. Carpets are also useful to cover the carpet or to make the floor look attractive.

Keep the fragile antiques away from the area where it could be easily touch or tap by a guest. Place it in inside the cabinet or in a place far from the receiving area.

Put small statues or figurines in the corners. Marble statues offer an aesthetic quality and elegance. There are different kinds of statue that represent your personality. So make sure to buy that suits you.

Keep cushions up to date by replacement or customization. Replace the dusty curtains, table cloths and cushion cloths. Always keep those cloths clean and scented.

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