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Networking And Types

The word ‘networking’ has proven to be crucial in the technological world. It’s a far-reaching concept that involves connecting multiple systems or devices together with the goal of sharing resources and allowing communication between users. Essentially, networking lays the groundwork for effective, streamlined computer-to-computer interactions. Different types of networks based on scale, range, connection method, architecture, and topology offer unique capabilities and serve varying purposes. Types of Networking Networking is primarily divided into three categories:Continue reading

Understanding The Difference Between A Switch And A Router}

Here’s An Opinion On: Rhino Networks Website Understanding the Difference between a Switch and a Router by Cisco Kits Switches and routers are special devices that enable you to make connections between and among computers, printers, peripherals, networked devices and/or other networks. A switch or a router has at least two ports into which you plug devices cables to make the connection, but the similarities more or less end right there. What goes on insideContinue reading