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Thailand is called the land of smiles and for a good reason. Like all medical care, cosmetic surgery in Thailand is inexpensive and of a high quality.

Cosmetic surgery can be an expensive and time consuming experience. When choosing to have a cosmetic procedure, you need to weigh all of your options carefully before committing to having the procedure done. While many people will save their money for years in order to get their cosmetic surgery done by the most trendy doctors in places like New York City and Los Angeles, other patients have found a way around this long wait and expense. More and more, people are taking vacation trips to other countries and combining these trips with cosmetic surgery procedures.


When it comes to taking trips for cosmetic surgery Thailand has been at the forefront of this trend. Since the early 1990’s, tourists have been flocking to Thailand for the care of their cosmetic surgeons, clinics, and posh recovery sites. The favorable exchange rate with Thailand combined with less expenses incurred by the surgeons means that patients who choose to have their procedures done here will pay far less than what they would in the United States. Phuket, an island resort in Thailand, has been offering their special brand of cosmetic surgery and vacation atmosphere to patients for years.

When choosing cosmetic surgery, Thailand offers a lot more than just a cheaper place to have your procedure done. Surgeons at the Phuket Cosmetic Surgery Clinic are also world-renowned for a special type of cosmetic surgery sex reassignment, or sex change, surgery. They are one of the few clinics in the world that offer this type of surgery, but they are certain not to take such a change in their patients’ appearance lightly. Anyone who wants sex reassignment surgery performed here must pass rigorous psychological studies and medical testing before the surgeons will consent to the procedure. Of course, the doctors of Phuket and other cities in Thailand perform many other types of cosmetic surgery, and the country also offers some of the best spa retreats in the world where you can relax and recover from your surgery in style.

You can also entertain yourself with the many cultural activities that Thailand has to offer, but you must remember some items before planning your trip. There is always some risk to cosmetic surgery, whether you choose to have it performed in the US or Thailand, so be careful to research your doctor and clinics thoroughly before leaving for your trip. Another issue may arise in the language barrier be sure that you will have a translator available to help you communicate with medical staff, or that they speak English. Almost all of them speak great English, but we are talking about surgery here. If you keep in mind these few precautions, you can be sure your trip will be a successful one.

Truth be told, I have never had cosmetic surgery in Thailand. When I go every few years, however, I do have a checkup, get my teeth cleaned and so on. The medical care is excellent and inexpensive. Oh, the beaches aren t to bad either!

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